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​InterVarsity is taking a Beach Trip! Join students from Gainesville and Jacksonville for a chance to deepen friendships as we play, eat yummy food, and have good conversations. 

  • SEPTEMBER 23rd - Saturday

  • Free Food!

  • Jacksonville Beach

  • COST: $15


Remember what it was like as a kid to go on a field trip?

This is a chance to escape campus, hang out with friends, and explore a new place. We believe that everyone needs a field trip every once in a while.​


8:00am - Students leave Gainesville [Optional meet up at The Oaks Mall for carpooling]
10:00am - Students Leave Jacksonville [Optional meet up at The Fountains at UNF for carpooling]
11:00am - Arrive at Jacksonville Beach, FL
12:00pm - LUNCH
1:00pm - Relay Team Games!!!

3:00pm(ish) - Pack Up and Head Home

6:00pm(ish) - Arrive back in Gainesville

What should I bring to the beach?
Modest swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, water bottle. We'll provide snacks and sandwich makings for lunch!

What if it rains?
Check with your staff:

What time will we be done?
You can leave whenever you want, but we'll pack up in the mid afternoon. 

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